Pass along Southern Seed (PASS) is an initiative to promote the conservation through use of both cultural knowledge and heirloom plants of the Southern Appalachians. PASS is open to all SSL members. If you are interested, please join us in this effort

By receiving seeds from Southern Seed Legacy (SSL), you agree, to the best of your ability, to meet the following conditions:

  1. save seeds from successful grow-outs and keep one-third for yourself, pass one-third to another gardener/farmer, and return one-third to SSL, and
  2. keep detailed records of your growing methods, general environmental conditions, and qualitative and quantitative descriptions of plant performance (i.e.- height, color, quality of produce, taste, variation between plants, disease and pest resistance, and length of growing season…anything you can think of).
  3. To the best of one’s knowledge, refrain from providing member seeds to individuals or organizations that will market the seeds for profit.

If you are interested in participating in PASS, please complete the application form here. We process applications during the fall and will notify you if your application has been accepted by the end of December.