Our Founders

RobertrhoadesDr. Robert Rhoades was born on a farm in Oklahoma in the 1940s and never quite got the red dirt out from under his fingernails. After a long career in international agriculture, he returned to the US as Professor of Anthropology and Head of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Georgia. He is the founding Executive Director of the Agrarian Connections, a non-profit educational and research organization working toward the preservation of rural landscapes and lifeways. The organization is presently restoring a 312 acre degraded cotton farm in the Georgia Piedmont , including the historical farm structures representing four time periods from pre-European down to the present.

drnazareaDr. Virginia Nazarea is director of the Ethnoecology/Biodiversity Laboratory of Department of Anthropology at UGA. She is a native of the Philippines. She has an international reputation in plant genetic resources and is the author of 4 acclaimed books on the topic.