It is not enough to save the seeds of the past; they must be grown, harvested, and passed on to future generations…mixed corn

The Southern Seed Legacy Project strives to reverse the plant erosion of genetic diversity and cultural knowledge in the American South. We accomplish this by encouraging and supporting local seed saving exchange networks and in situ conservation of plant genetic resources. In addition, we house a seed collection which serves as a backup for crop varieties that are in particular danger of going extinct and a memory bank that documents the cultural history of many southern heirloom varieties.

Our founders envisioned a future where the genetic and cultural diversity of the United States would be alive for future generations to enjoy and learn from. This project is not only a gateway to our past it is also a road map to a future of food security.

If you are interested in contributing seed to the Southern Seed Legacy please email us at:

If you are interested in participating in our grow out projects or receiving seed please sign up for our PASS program here.

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