AIMS is now accepting visiting farm volunteers for a total immersion learning experience:

Come stay at the Appalachian Institute for Mountains Studies, a permaculture and agrobiodiversity conservation project located on 27 beautiful acres on the edge of the Pisgah National Forest at the foot of the highest mountain range between the Pyrenees and the Rockies! We have a mature 100 tree heirloom Appalachian fruit orchard which we are managing holistically according to Michael Phillip’s biological methods. We have several fields planted with heirloom Appalachian vegetables from the Southern Seed Legacy, our 2000+ variety seedbank in the most biodiverse foodshed in the US, Canada, & northern Mexico. The property has 13 springs and 3 creeks and a cove hardwood Appalachian forest, the second most diverse temperate forest type in the world. You will have the opportunity to study and experience sustainable farming, holistic orcharding, wildcrafing of forest foods & medicines, & other aspects of sustainable living in our biodiversity wonderland with Dr. Jim Veteto, a recognized international expert in agricultural diversity and leading expert on traditional Appalachian farming systems. Length of stay is negotiable. Tent camping and basic meals are provided. Visit our plethora of waterfalls, cultural sites, nearby intentional community, small towns (Asheville is an hour away), and Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in the eastern US, during your downtime and weekends and refresh yourself after work in the South Toe river, the cleanest river in North Carolina!

Contact Jim Veteto at for inquiries