Like a garden the work of creating sustainable food systems requires many different elements to produce the bountiful harvest we all desire.IMG_0694

In the garden you have soil organisms, pollinators, mycorrhizae, nutrients, water, and the
gardener themselves. At the Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies we are always seeking to expand the network of organizations and people who want to support the work we are doing or would like our support for the work they are doing.

Affiliations can take many forms. We are interested in organizations who feel in line with our mission and vision working actively in one or more of the fields we promote. Affiliates must be nonprofits, schools, or universities. If you are a for profit business looking to work with us please see our sponsorship page for more information and / or join our PASS program as a corporate member.

Benefits for Affiliate Nonprofits

  • Access to the Southern Seed Legacy Seed Bank
  • Cross promotion through our website, social media, and relevant publications
  • Invites to all AIMS sponsored events

Apply here to become an affiliate