When this Bean came to light, it was as if an old Jack Tale had emerged from from a forgotten tome. To do it justice; it must be told the way it was heard…

Once upon a time there was a man who needed some welding work done. He was an old man somewhere in his eighties, he has long since passed. Well this man hired out a fella from the college to do the work for him, the fella was a student you see. Now being as he was a student, the man could not pay the fella money so instead he gave him a jar of beans…

Now this was no ordinary jar of beans, these were special beans that came from up on IMG_1264Cold Mountain. They were cut-short pole beans once grown by an old woman who lived on the mountain. They say the woman grew the best beans in the county and wouldn’t share them with anybody.

These old beans had to be somethin special. Why, no one could have them and folks would get chased away should they try and get some. Well this old man was but a boy of sixteen in those days and him an a friend were fixin to get some of those special beans.

Late one night they crept out of town, up onto the mountain. Under cover of darkness they slipped into the old woman’s bean patch and snatched up some of the beans.

And so it was, the old man grew them in his garden all his life, until the very day that he paid that young fella with a jar of beans. Now that fella has the last of the beans, except three or four that came to be in my possession, and him and his kin are the Guardians of the Cold Mountain Bean.

IMG_1267Dustin Cornelison and Sara Martin carry on the legacy of the Cold Mountain bean.

The foretold story is true in nearly every word; there was a payment with a jar of beans, there was an old woman, and an old man did steal them as a youth of sixteen.

IMG_1258Dustin and Sara have a homestead farm outside of Canton, NC. When pulling down the gravel drive the visitor is immediately transported to a land from a fairy tale. A stone house surrounded by flowers, a gnarled old apple tree perched on the hillside, and their daughter Lyra seems to have blossomed directly from the garden; spreading joy for all who find their way to Two Trees Farm.

Dustin and Sara are not just the caretakers of the mysterious Cold Mountain bean, they grow a large variety of vegetables and herbs, raise chicken, keep bees, maintain apple and blueberry orchards. They have a passion for the land that is expressed in the great care they have taken in cultivating a farm which is incredibly productive and visually stunning.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Sara and Dustin when we return this fall to exploreIMG_1259 the lost orchards of Newfound Mountain.

Until then, come visit them at the Waynesville Historic Farmers Market on Saturdays for loads of garlic, bouquets of herbs, and other farm fresh delights. Next year, be on the look out for the fabled Cold Mountain Beans!


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