A sustainable food system can only be grown from a sustainable culture.IMG_0992

The story of our food is in desperate need of rewrite. The industrial agriculture system has erased thousands of years worth of this human saga and replaced it with a set of procedures and formulas. Agriculture is the combination of human culture and the land in which food is grown. In Appalachia we are continuing the story.

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Chapter One: The Land

Many cultures across the world have creation stories about how humans were made from the earth, how we are a part of it as it is our ancestor. From the book of Genesis to the history of the First Nations there is a tie which binds us to the earth.

This Chapter begins with reconnecting to our place through building sustainable practices based on environmental anthropology, permaculture, and agroecology. Our programs provide hands on experience in applying these principles for real life solutions.

Chapter Two: The People

The most successful endeavors are community driven. We embrace the fact that one organization cannot facilitate growth on its own. Through weaving communities together we help facilitate a future of food sovereignty in the Appalachians.


Chapter Three: The Stories

Stories are the way we pass on cultural knowledge from generation to generation.